Bakersfield Central Metal Inc.


We are the leader in technology development and its application. We created innovative ways to load scrap metal into containers and are equipped with state of the art machineries that allow us to provide fast and efficient service to our customers.

Shears - Harris
  -1350 Ton capacity special heavy metal shear for rail cars, rail tracks and other heavy materials
  -1200 Ton capacity
  -1000 Ton capacity
  -700 Ton capacity

Material Handlers
  -Sennebogen 835M, 840M 850M
  -Samsung 202
  -Hyundai LX 450
  -Prentice 624
  -GradAll LX5200
  -Caterpilla 224
  -Liebherr 934

Container Loading Machine
  -CMI designed and manufactured container loaders

  -Rams Harris HRB10

  -120, 90, 70, 18 Ton capacity

  -Roll off trucks
  -Low deck trailer
  -End dumps trucks

  -Loaders/Skid Steers, Forklifts, Magnets, Manlifts

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